Dobra Strategia Marki To Podstawa Znakomitej Strategii Komunikacji Marki

Make Love. Not War.

Axe Brings a Message of Peace to the Gender Wars, and the World. This is a new creative excution around long-term Axe brand communication platform.


Axe, the Unilever men’s personal-care brand known for inciting controversy in the gender wars with ads often deemed sexist, wants everyone to just get along in its 30-second Super Bowl spot—which co-opts the famous old slogan „Make Love. Not War” to push a new product line called Axe Peace.

This way the Unilever extends appeal of its brand to a wider target group:

  • women as the new commercial makes the brand less sexist
  • elder consumers  as the brand, thanks to this new commercial, gains a wider emotional appeal based upon a very wide, universal and the strongest human emotion

As a result the Axe brand is evolving, in terms of execution, from the sex-based image appealing to the youth towards  higher emotions-based image. However the brand`s core communication platform stays unchanged – irresistibly seductive brand. This is possible only when a brand strategy is well prepared.

Bravo Axe!


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